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Mrs. Newenhouse

Newenhouse News 11.21.16

on November 20, 2016

There is no newsletter due to the short week this week.  In literacy, we will be reviewing the sight words we’ve learned so far and practice name writing (focusing on capitals for the first letter only).  In math, we are working on identifying hexagons.  In reading, we will work on reviewing our decoding strategies:  Eagle Eye, Lips the Fish and Stretchy Snake.  We’re also working on finding “just right” books at each of our reading levels.  For writing, we will focus on stretching out all the sounds we hear as we write sentences.  We will also be writing some Turkey Grams to send to people and let them know we are thankful for them.  🙂

THANK YOU for all the donations that have come in for our Thanksgiving Feast.  We will enjoy our special snacks on Tuesday as we celebrate Thanksgiving with our Kindergarten friends.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!  I hope you all find time to relax and have fun with your family and friends.



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